Brownish blood from vagina

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Here's eight myths about periods we need to stop spreading. Over time, the object irritates the lining of your vagina and may cause an infection. The cervix can become irritated due to infection, exposure to chemicals, or trauma. If you experience spotting during pregnancysome of it may be brown if the active bleed has stopped. Subscribe Your privacy is important to us. Treatment options include surgery, radiotherapyor chemotherapy.

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With that said, here is my best answer to the common question of vaginal discharge.

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What causes brown discharge before a period?

Many women bleed during the first trimester of their pregnancy without having a miscarriage. Occasionally, brown, bloody discharge accompanied by other symptoms can indicate a problem. Black discharge may be a part of your menstrual cycle and require no special treatment. Subscribe to our Newsletter to recieve: They may also experience ovulation cramps when this occurs. New research, led by Harvard scientists, identifies a novel potential therapeutic target for treating amyotrophic lateral sclerosis ALS.

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brownish blood from vagina
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brownish blood from vagina
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