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Do you like your rims grass fed or grain fed. Before you go dashing off letters to the editor, let's consider that most people don't agree on what spanking actually is. Sandwich composites are incredibly strong. So far initial feedback from our pro riders has been very encouriging and supports our thinking. Lisa Bacote, a mom of a 2-year-old and a 3-month-old in Atlanta, remembers the few spankings she received. Kiwiplague Aug 19, at This surely feels like a marketing trick but I wouldn't write it off until its been tested.

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I Went To A Spanking Party In NYC And Got My Ass Smacked By A Bunch Of Strangers

MAG rim was a piece of cheesy expensive crap. So on the latest retaping I used one layer of 20mm electrical tape followed by a layer of Gorilla Tape trimmed to 20mm - stuck to the rim very easily, no leaks so far and it'll come off clean. Mike at Spank recommends to use a double wrap from bead hook to bead hook. Would I buy this? Feel free to drink the coolaid though. Too bad there isn't anything around the rim that might dampen vibrations

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spank white fill
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spank white fill
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